The Analysis:

For most, deciding whether to divorce is a process that can take years.   You may have considered the possibility for a long time, imagined its positive and negative consequences, and rejected it many times over.  The final decision seems impossible to make, but in the end it is usually prompted by some intolerable event which makes you realize married life with your spouse will never be what you had hoped it would be.  Before making the final decision, however, you must consider the wisdom of a strategic advantage.  You must take toll of what you know, what you don’t know, and how to get it.   If you are not the spouse who handles the finances, educate yourself about what there is, and where to find it.  Get copies of what you can.

The Recommendation:

Preparation for the day you file the divorce papers is mandatory.  You must prepare psychologically as well and financially. While you cannot predict the course this journey will take, you can understand the need for the journey, and just like Frodo in Lord of the Rings, will see much more of the dark side before you see the brightness of your future life.


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