The Analysis:      

Decisions need to be made and strategy considered. Do you go it alone?  Who do you turn to for help?   You will find that many lend you a sympathetic ear for awhile, some stay for the long haul, many will give opinions without all the facts, and some will give advice which conflicts with your instincts and the advice of others.    Some advice will be productive and some will incense you.   Who do you believe?

How do you weigh the advice you get from others?  How do you reconcile the comfort that their support gives with their questionable advice?  Can you sift through it all and make reasoned decisions while those around you are chanting their own mantra for your life?

The Recommendation:

Before your head begins to swirl in confusion, determine how much you want to involve each person in the trials and tribulations of your divorce.  Identify the friend or relative who gives reasoned, not hysterical, responses.   Talk to them about the burden your dependence might bear on the relationship, and solicit limited opinions from others as needed.  But remember that it is you that has to live with the consequences of each decision, not the advice giver.


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