The Analysis:

Getting divorced is a lonely endeavor.  In the midst of the emotional upheaval and the reshuffling of your life, the impact may not be felt immediately, but it will hit, and hit hard.  Who is there to catch you? Do you have the emotional fortitude to withstand each push?

The Recommendation:

First, attend to the logistics of being on your own. Make backup plans for child care when the children are sick and you have to go to work; rearrange your bedroom so you’re not constantly reminded of your spouse’s absence; improve the way your household runs and assign chores for the kids; find a handyman; schedule your time better, including time for yourself.

Realize that you may need support, that sadness can overwhelm unexpectedly, and that you will get through it like so many others.  While trying to remain strong, you can allow yourself to feel weakness and vulnerability.  Divorce is a life altering event which requires change in the way you think and live.  Don’t minimize the impact, but recognize that you have control over how you live and make choices which make your life better.


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