The Analysis:

Do you know where your breaking point is?  Do you want to find it?  If so, this is the time.  If not, then think carefully about protecting yourself.  During the divorce and afterwards, there will be episodes of stomach churning, migraines, sleeplessness, disappointment and anger.  Perhaps you will feel an intensity of emotion you have never experienced before.  There will be happy times too, but you won’t have trouble coping with those.  How do you put your mind in a place where you can handle the intensity and go on with your day?

The Recommendation:

Some would say therapy is the only way, and for some this may be so.  Therapy can play an important role in getting you through your divorce.  Think of this as one option.  Learn and protect your limits and your boundaries so you can avoid losing yourself to the demands of others.  Guard your time so you can recover when overwhelmed, and say no to your kids sometimes.  Know that you have to disconnect from the divorce so you can perform each day.  Look forward, make plans, reach goals; don’t let the divorce consume you.


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