Perhaps you could use a second opinion about a legal issue you are experiencing.

While a formal process for securing Second Opinions from lawyers is not a recognized practice in legal circles, like there is in the medical field, there is no reason for it to be ignored as it can be an excellent option.    The value of a second opinion, or even a third, is the advantage of different perspectives, approaches and experiences.   If a second opinion yields almost the same opinion as the first advice, then you are more confident of its success.  If not, then you have broadened the options for resolution.

Some clients fear that a second opinion will offend their first attorney.   While I appreciate client’s concerns about my feelings, I am of the position that the client must do whatever necessary to feel that the approach to their legal problem makes sense.  If a client does not have that level of confidence, they should get a second opinion from another lawyer.  A second opinion does not necessarily mean that you need to abandon your first attorney; it only offers an opportunity for additional ideas.  You may choose to bring the idea back to your original attorney without disclosure of the second opinion.   You may find that the second opinion merely confirmed the direction originally suggested.  You may also discover, however, that there is an alternative approach which had not been mentioned.

As a consumer of legal services you should be sure you know the full range of legal options so you can make the most informed decision, weighing the time, cost, commitment and burden required of each option.   Don’t be shy.  Get a second opinion.

Hindell S. Grossman, Esq.
Grossman & Associates, Ltd.
(617) 969-0069


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