No sooner than your divorce is started, you want it over, to stop the conflict and move on. These are reasonable feelings, although completely impractical given human nature and a slow judicial system.  It is also no surprise that after the divorce is over, most people take their expensive divorce papers and put them somewhere they are not likely to be seen again.

This blog emphasizes the importance of reviewing your Separation Agreement after your divorce to remind you what you agreed upon and what you are entitled to receive.  People are in a bit of a stupor when they divorce.  As vigilant as you want to be, there are pieces of information that didn’t penetrate the emotional haze.  As soon as emotionally possible, but within a month after your divorce, please read your Separation Agreement and your spouse’s last Financial Statement.   Then put the signed Agreement, your last signed Financial Statement, and your spouse’s last Financial Statement in a flat envelope or pocket folder and put them somewhere accessible to you but not your children.

You cannot imagine the number of clients who consult with me post divorce who do not remember portions of the Separation Agreement, even the portions that are favorable to them.  The Agreement is the blueprint for your post-divorce life.  Consult it often.

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