At the end of May I was invited to speak with Jeffrey Davis on his business talk radio show, Radio Entrepreneurs. Family law is a constantly evolving practice because of new legislation and the changing dynamic of family structures. Jeffrey and I discussed the importance of ensuring that people assert their legal rights in same sex marriages to parent and the three major changes brought by the new Alimony Reform Act (effective March 2012), which affects not only future divorces but also existing alimony orders from previous divorces. Finally we had the opportunity to talk about the emotional challenges of divorce and the increasing role of therapists and life coaches to help people start a new life.

You can listen to the entire audiocast here: Radio Entrepreneurs Audiocast

Radio Entrepreneurs airs daily from 6PM – 7PM on WBNW 1120, WPLM 1390, and WESO 970. Tune in to hear real entrepreneurial stories.

Hindell S. Grossman, Esq.
Grossman & Associates, Ltd.
(617) 969-0069


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