Dear Hindell,

My spouse and I both mutually want a divorce and we are in complete agreement on the terms. Is there a quick way to be divorced?

Ready to Move On

Yes. There is a process called a Joint Petition in which you can proceed quickly with an uncontested divorce. Several documents are required, including:

1. Separation Agreement which outlines all the financial terms as well as custody and parenting plans which will govern after your divorce;
2. Original Marriage Certificate;
3. Signed Financial Statements from each of you on the Court forms;
4. Affidavits explaining the reason for the divorce;
5. Statistical Form;
6. Care and Custody Form.

It is important to consult with an attorney to make sure these documents are in compliance, as there are some very specific legal provisions required. Although one attorney cannot represent both sides in an uncontested divorce, one attorney can draft the Separation Agreement for the other party’s review. Different counties have different processes and timelines for getting your uncontested paperwork before a judge for approval.

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