Hi Hindell, 

My husband and I are nearing the end of our divorce proceedings. We’re signing the final papers next week, and all I can think about is how scared I am to be alone. What can I do to cope?


Lonely in Lexington

The fact is that getting divorced is a lonely endeavor.  Realize that you may need support and that sadness can overwhelm unexpectedly.  Divorce is a life altering event which requires change in the way you think and live.  Don’t minimize the impact, but recognize that you have control over how you live and make choices which make your life better. Get help to make this plan if you need.  In addition to therapists, there are executive coaches, career counselors, financial advisors and others to help guide you.

Best wishes,

Hindell Grossman
Grossman & Associates, Ltd.
Newton & Nantucket


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