In 2013 Hindell handled a two day trial to determine whether her client, the payor of alimony, could terminate his obligation to pay alimony, and other financial obligations, due to his former wife’s cohabitation since 2005.   Her client was 61 years old and his former wife was 59 years old on the last day of trial. 

 In February, 2014 Hindell’s client won everything.   His alimony and his other financial obligations are terminated, including his obligation to secure his alimony obligation with a life insurance policy, and the Judge determined that he could claw back approximately $100,000 of alimony he paid since he served the Complaint upon her in March, 2012 by receiving a transfer of retirement funds from his former Wife.      

 The case seemed to turn on the Judge’s finding that the former Wife and her paramour had a relationship tantamount to a marriage based on her financial dependence, his history of bill payment, their joint ownership of a condominium, and other factors.    Wife has appealed.         


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