Holiday Wishes from Grossman & Associates, Ltd.

Dear Clients and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.  As the holiday season approaches, I like to thank those who have become a part of our extended family and share our news.

The firm has grown this year.  In April 2015, we welcomed Suzana Urukalo to the firm as an associate attorney.  Suzana brings over ten years of divorce and family law experience to enhance our capacity and responsiveness.  Her Canadian perspective and wit bring renewed energy to the office.  In June, 2015 we welcomed Andrea Yavarow to the firm.  Andrea graduated from Merrimack College in 2013 and has been a divorce paralegal ever since.  As the office’s “millennial”, Andrea is our technology troubleshooter and office charmer.   We feel like a team.

By now, most of you know Patryce, our firm’s senior paralegal.  Her attention to detail and “go-getter” attitude makes her an integral part of the firm.  Patryce recently ran for local office in Watertown, and although not elected, she successfully lobbied for improvement of the firefighters’ contract.  She also serves on the Watertown Task Force to remedy the opioid crisis.

In a world where faceless technology reigns supreme, I still believe in the value of face-to-face communication.  We have all been engaged members of the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce and ProVisors, a national networking organization, which expand our range of services available to clients.   The firm also hosted a summer mixer for attorneys who work within the N2 Corridor/Wells Avenue area of Newton.  Luckily, the wild turkeys in our parking lot declined to attend.

This year I joined the Board of Hospitality Homes, and the firm hosted a clothing drive to benefit Dress for Success Boston which promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and life.  Together with our neighboring firms, we were able to donate fifty items of clothing to this charity.

For me, this year has been filled with family successes.  In May, my daughter, Ariel, graduated with her MBA from Boston University and my son, Micah, graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans.  Ariel now resides in Baltimore where she works for Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Micah toured Israel and U.S. cities as a guitarist with Matisyahu and is now in Los Angeles writing music for a publishing company.   Together we’ve been learning about entertainment law as his music career advances.   In August, my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at a surprise party thrown by my sister and me.

And finally, this year my various travels took me to Costa Rica, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Morocco and Spain.   Knowing I have such a wonderful staff allows me to explore.

I so much appreciate the trust you have placed in my firm, and wish you all a year filled with family joy, happiness and fulfillment.                            

Warm Regards,



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