We’re Lawyers of the Day, and Much More!

We believe in volunteering.

The Probate and Family Courts in Middlesex and Norfolk Counties (which are located in Cambridge and Canton) have developed a Lawyer of the Day Program in partnership with the Administrative Offices of the Court and various Bar Associations.   Attorneys like us are asked to volunteer our time to provide justice to pro se litigants (i.e., those representing themselves).

As part of our firm philosophy, Suzana and I served as Lawyers of the Day in 2016 and annually before this, each providing a full day of legal services to those who appear at the courthouse and are in need assistance.    It was a grueling day full of sad circumstances.  My experience included two sisters in their early twenties who needed help becoming guardians for their 13 year old brother and disabled sister.  Their father recently died and their mother had disappeared.  The disabled sister was in a facility which wanted to transfer her but her Mother was unavailable to authorize the move.   The brother was being raised by his older sisters and the school needed to know who was legally in charge.    Other cases were similarly heart-wrenching.

Volunteering in the court made it clear how hard our court personnel work to help the public, and the toll it takes dealing with the circumstances of the less fortunate.

While Suzana and I volunteer our legal skills, and I volunteer as a Board member at two non-profit organizations,  Patryce volunteers and serves as an Ambassador for the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce and at her church where she serves on the scholarship committee.   She is in charge of welcoming new members to the Chamber and promoting community development.   There is no question that Patryce makes them feel welcome.





For over 30 years Hospitality Homes has provided free short-term housing to families and friends of patients receiving medical care in the Boston area. I read about this organization in the Brookline Tab shortly after my youngest child had moved out-of-state for college. It seemed like a perfect fit. I wanted to dedicate myself to others in some small way, but it was hard to find the time with my busy and unpredictable schedule. With my son off at school, I had plenty of extra space to offer Hospitality Homes and I appreciated that the organization was respectful of its volunteers’ schedules.

Last week I was invited to speak with Executive Director, Caryl Goodman on Brookline Access Television about this wonderful opportunity to give back in Boston. Watch our episode here to learn more about the amazing service Hospitality Homes is providing and how to get involved


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